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What is in my morning coffee cup? It is not what you think!

For years I suffered with depression and anxiety.  I overcame it with good nutrition and I found what is in this cup to play a HUGE part in this!  So, what is in my coffee cup?  And why do I drink it?

I could not live without my morning Tulsi Tea!  Tulsi Tea (aka Holy Basil) is known for its adaptogenic properties.  That means it will adapt to whatever your body needs it to do.  Pretty amazing!  In my case, it really helps me to handle stress much better.  I didn’t notice an overwhelming change until one day I ran out.  When I didn’t have it for a few days, I could really feel my stress level rise.  Now, I always order extra from Thrive Market to be sure I do not ever run out!  To my tea I add full fat organic canned coconut milk.  Don’t let the fat scare you.  Much research has come out that suggests fat is not our enemy.  The real problem is SUGAR.  Eating fat (healthy fats) in foods will help you to enjoy what you are eating, help you to feel full, and stay satisfied.  Canned coconut milk has a rich flavor and helps to curb my cravings for sweets (which is the real problem!).  I also add collagen to benefit skin, hair, nails and joints. It is a great protein source that is tasteless and odorless.  I have noticed my hair getting much thicker, new growth coming in around the hairline and it is in better condition with daily use of collagen.  I have also heard fellow bloggers say it is like drinking botox.  I have noticed smoother skin and who could turn that down?  Finally, I add a few drops of stevia to my “latte” to give it a slight sweet flavor.  See my complete recipe below:  You can buy all of these products here at a huge savings!  If you are not a Thrive Market member, try it out, you will not regret it!

Tulsi Tea “latte”

1-2 cups boiling water

1-2 bags organic Tulsi tea

1/4 cup organic canned coconut milk

2 tablespoons of grass-fed collagen

a touch of organic stevia

Stir and enjoy.  For extra froth, you can put in a high speed blender but, be very careful blending hot liquids. I have also made this “latte” with chai tea  or tulsi chai which is wonderful!

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