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How did I learn to accept my diet changes? Let me count the ways…

When trying to beat chronic fatigue, I was faced with a lot of changes.  Some of these were easy to make and some were much more difficult.  I found that when I thought of what I couldn’t do or what I couldn’t eat, I was overwhelmed.  Once I changed my mindset and just focused on what to do or what to eat, it became much more manageable.

I suddenly found common grocery stores had nothing to offer me and although the shelves were full, there was no real food there.  I found myself shopping at Thrive Market and local farmer’s markets.  Online shopping became so much easier because it had exactly what I needed coming to my door, I wasn’t tempted to put things in my cart that I didn’t need, and I wasn’t tempted by the junk food at the check out counter.

Here are some of my tips that helped me make the changes easier:

  1. Shop online at Thrive Market for only the products that fall into your new dietary guidelines.
  2. Concentrate on what to eat that will help you to be healthy and feel better.  Do not focus on what not to eat or what you used to eat.  Make a list of foods that you are excited about eating and make sure you purchase them right away.
  3. Crowd out old foods with new foods.  When I plan my day around having my favorite green drink for breakfast, Metagenics meal replacement bar for pre-workout meal, a wonderful soup for lunch and maybe a large salad for supper, there isn’t much room for anything else and before you know it, I’ve followed my guidelines.
  4. Get excited about new recipes.  I have some go-to recipes now, but in the beginning, I would spend a lot of time searching for a perfect recipe to get excited about.
  5. Learn new cooking techniques.  I have learned to make some wonderful things in my vitamix including my green drink, plantain pancakes, and cashew zucchini soup.
  6. Use new ingredients.  Almond flour, plantains, coconut oil have all become staples.
  7. Use social media to learn.  My Facebook newsfeed has become filled with recipes and wonderful articles to get excited about.

As always, thank you for reading my blog.  I would love to hear your comments!

Photo credit for featured image:  Lily LaGrange Photography

3 thoughts on “How did I learn to accept my diet changes? Let me count the ways…”

  1. Still struggling to find healthy recipes to get excited about. Seems like I eat the same thing always. Love reading your blog…gives me hope


    1. Thank you so much! I ate a lot of the same things in the beginning too. I also find I go through stages of being excited about what I’m eating and stages of being in a rut. Over the past year and with feeling better, I found that the ruts were fewer. I guess I am so happy about feeling better that it outweighs the way anything tastes. Recipe swaps help me too. I love making breads and muffins with almond flour. It makes me feel like I’m having something “normal”. I will work on a post with some of my favorite recipes. Thank you for reading!


    2. Thank you Monica! I truly appreciate your comments. I tend to eat the same thing too when I find something I like. It really takes effort to get the variety I need. I still find after years of living this lifestyle, I have good days and bad days. Fortunately, the good days last longer and push me through the bad ones.


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