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Click any link or Ad to take you to that online store to shop.  Thanks for shopping!  Please let me know if you need any assistance! 

There are a few different ways to shop professional quality supplements!  One of my favorites is Systemic Formulas for their MyByome products.

Systemic Formulas MyByome products are an amazing addition for your gut health.  Rotate the products starting with Terra then move to Immune, Skin, Neuro, Metabolic, ETC!

MyByome Terra Byome Soil-Based Terrain Health ProbioticMyByome Terra Superfood Soil-Based Terrain Health Prebiotic

This is the link to create your account:  Registration page:

To register, you will be required to enter your name, phone number, email address, a username and password, a Doctor Referral Code, and agree to the Terms of Use. Your Doctor Referral Code is:  ­LAGI01

You’ll receive an email at the email address you entered at registration. This email will include a link to activate your new account. Once you’ve activated your account, go to to login with the username and password you chose when registering.

Your practitioner (ME) is a great resource for information about Systemic Formulas, Inc. products. We also encourage you to visit our Blog to learn more. To easily find a product on, simply enter the product name into the Search box. You can also use this Search feature to search for products containing a specific ingredient, information on a specific topic, etc.

I also use either Fullscript or Wellevate for many other brands of quality supplements!  I can send you a recommendation via either of these dispensaries with products I hand select for your needs.  Create an account and let me know what you need and I’ll send a rec right over!

Your Fullscript Dispensary URL


Either dispensary will work!
Setting Up Your Account is Easy as…
You’ve been invited by a direct link, click the link above.
Once you’re on, enter your contact information and set a password. Then click Create Account.
Enter a few additional details about your preferences and shipping address. When finished, click Complete.
Place Your First Order Once your account is created, you’ll be able to access your health care provider’s specific recommendations for you. Enjoy!
Any Questions? We’re here to help. You can reach our dedicated Customer Support Team at or 855-WELLEVATE.
Wellevate Logo

Shop Metagenics Online Now


You can now purchase Vital Protein at Fullscript or Wellevate!

vital proteins collection

Primal Kitchen Products are some of my favorite. Healthy Fats, Collagen, and NO Sugar!

You can purchase Primal Kitchen at most grocery stores now!

primal kitchen dressings
  You can also purchase various other products that I have hand selected as some of my favorites!
To read more on ProLon, visit this page.


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