Supplements (many at a Discount)

There are three different dispensaries that I use:  Fullscript, Wellevate, and Systemic Formulas!
You can get most of what you need at Fullscript However, recently I’ve been using more of the Systemic Formula products especially their pre and pro biotics!
Fullscript recently bought out emerson/wellevate so we’ll eventually be switching to Fullscript however either one will work as of today.
I also LOVE Systemic Formulas for their pre and probiotics!

Modern research explains to us that the microbiome that exists in our gut is absolutely necessary and responsible for the health and integrity of ALL our Organ Systems . –

One example of many is our microbiota and their absolutely essential role in our immune system. 70% of our immune system depends on healthy gut cells and the wonderful bacteria and microbes that live within our G.I. tract. –

For decades, antibiotics have been over prescribed to destroy bacteria. However, antibiotics are indiscriminate and kill beneficial Bacteria in addition to harmful ones.

This causes many problems such as SIBO, Brain, Immune, Digestion, and hormonal problems.  –

Enter MyByome!

When supporting the microbiome, probiotics are only a piece of the puzzle. Prebiotics, postbiotics, synbiotics, and bacteriophage are also essential.
Systemic Formulas allows you full access to the MyByome line of products which utilizes these next generation ingredients to support and correct all your patience biome issues (topically and internally).

This is the link to create your account:

Registration page:

To register, you will be required to enter your name, phone number, email address, a username and password, a Doctor Referral Code, and agree to the Terms of Use. Your Doctor Referral Code is:  ­LAGI01

You’ll receive an email at the email address you entered at registration. This email will include a link to activate your new account. Once you’ve activated your account, go to to login with the username and password you chose when registering.

Your practitioner is a great resource for information about Systemic Formulas, Inc. products. We also encourage you to visit our Blog to learn more. To easily find a product on, simply enter the product name into the Search box. You can also use this Search feature to search for products containing a specific ingredient, information on a specific topic, etc.

These are the probiotics and prebiotics I’ve been using.  I add a scoop of the prebiotic to protein shakes daily and use the probiotic as well.  They are designed to work as a pair but can be interchangeable as well.  The company recommends starting with the Terra and working through the different systems.  I started with Terra and then went on to skin and then plan to move to neuro and then immune.  The company will be coming out with a metabolic one soon!

I have used many brands and I am really liking this brand a lot!  I also use their vit D, B, adrenal support and many others.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Why Wellevate? Unrivaled Quality Unlike other online sites, where you can never be sure just what you’re getting—or how old it is, or where it’s been stored—with Wellevate you can rest easy knowing you’re always getting the freshest and highest-quality vitamins and supplements. Personalized for You Your health care provider can set refill reminders and specific usage instructions just for you. Free Shipping Enjoy FREE shipping on all orders of $49 or more! Effortless Ordering Access your health care provider’s specific recommendations and place your order anywhere, anytime, from any device. The Best Brands From exclusive brands to practitioner favorites, you’ll have access to top products from a trusted provider who’s been around for more than 35 years.

Welcome to Wellevate, your online dispenary from Emerson Ecologics!
With Wellevate, you can access your health care provider’s professional-grade vitamin and supplement recommendations at any time, from any device.
You’ll benefit from our safe, secure and innovative platform that makes ordering easy and enjoyable. And, unlike on other sites, you can be sure you’re receiving the freshest products possible.

The Brands You Love With access to 300+ trusted brands, your health care provider will recommend the right products just for you, including supplements from:
∞ Thorne ∞ Pure Encapsulations ∞ Metagenics ∞ Designs for Health ∞ Innate Response ∞ Integrative Therapeutics ∞ Ortho Molecular ∞ Dr. Hauschka ∞ Vital Nutrients ∞ Nordic Naturals ∞ Klaire Labs

Getting Started is Simple! Your Invitation is in the (e)Mail Your health care provider will invite you to their online dispensary via email, or will provide you with a direct link.

Setting Up Your Account is Easy as…
If you’ve been invited by a direct link, click the link above.
Once you’re on, enter your contact information and set a password. Then click Create Account.
Enter a few additional details about your preferences and shipping address. When finished, click Complete. Place Your First Order Once your account is created, you’ll be able to access your health care provider’s specific recommendations for you. Enjoy!
Any Questions? We’re here to help. You can reach our dedicated Customer Support Team at or 855-WELLEVATE.

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Is your supplement safe?

Patients want to know 3 things about products they purchase:
1. That the products are safe
2. That the products work
3. That the products are worth the cost

FDA regulations do nothing to ensure any of these things.

The responsibility to ensure safety and efficacy falls on individual product manufacturers, which is why the choice of product really does matter. In a quick conversation with every new patient, make sure all of your patients are aware of the following 3 points:

1. The FDA does not test dietary supplements for safety or efficacy before marketing.

There is a law called the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) that defines how dietary supplements are regulated. The law states that it is the responsibility of each manufacturer to show that a product is safe and effective before marketing that product. The FDA has no authority to do its own safety review before a product is made available to the public.

A commonly cited study that brings into question the quality of supplements was conducted by authorities in New York in 2014. They analyzed 78 bottles of dietary supplements from major retailers and found that 4 out of 5 products did not contain evidence of the herbs that were stated on the label and many contained contaminants not listed on the label—things like houseplants, powdered radish, and even wheat in products that were labeled “gluten-free.” Some have argued that the type of testing used was not a valid way to identify herbs, but the presence of so many contaminants cannot be dismissed.

Some companies do their own testing of raw materials and final products, but some do not. Product analyses are completely voluntary. High-quality companies will pay for third-party testing to confirm the presence of ingredients, the potency of ingredients, and the absence of contaminants. Common contaminants that are tested for include heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, and microbes.

Voluntary third-party certifications include the USP Verified Mark, Consumer Labs, UL, International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS), and the Emerson Quality Program℠.

2. The FDA does not certify supplement-manufacturing facilities.

The FDA requires companies to follow current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs), but it does not offer any certification for this. cGMPs require that the manufacturing facility be clean, climate-controlled, and run with good quality-control procedures. cGMPs have to do with how products are made—they have nothing to do with what is actually in the final product.

Quality companies go above and beyond the requirements of cGMPs and get third-party certifications related to their manufacturing practices. Voluntary certifications for good manufacturing practices include NSF International and NPA (Natural Products Association). The Emerson Quality Program℠ ensures that all companies distributed through Emerson Ecologics and Wellevate meet or exceed the standards of cGMPs.

3. The FDA does not standardize dosages or forms of ingredients in dietary supplements.

Vitamins and minerals can be sourced from many different places and can be provided in many different forms. Pyridoxine hydrochloride is the cheapest form of vitamin B6, but pyridoxine-5-phosphate (P5P) is the most biologically active form. Niacin can lower serum cholesterol, but only at a dosage of 1000 mg per day. Iron sulfate causes the common side effect of constipation, whereas iron citrate formulated with vitamin C is most readily digested and absorbed.

The form of the ingredient, the dosage of the ingredient, and the formulation of the entire product all influence whether or not a dietary supplement will be effective. High-quality companies rely on a team of medical experts and evidence-based science to formulate products that offer patients the greatest benefits. Part of the Emerson Quality Program℠ is an evaluation of product formulations of all companies distributed through Emerson Ecologics and Wellevate.