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Special Pricing through Monday!


Get a single box for $224 or 3+ boxes for $200/box through 5/13/19 – no code needed.

This is the BEST thing I’ve done for my health in a while.  The 5 lb weight loss in 5 days is a Bonus!  I’m symptom free, pain free and full of energy.  

How it Works

Here’s what physical effects take place during the 5 days on the Fasting Mimicking Diet.

Fasting State

ProLon is designed to prime your body to transition into a fasting state so it can begin cellular recycling.

Fat Burning

ProLon guides your body to switch to a fat burning state. Cellular clean up (autophagy) begins.

Cellular Recycling

… and many people reach a degree of the fat burning metabolic state known as full ketosis.

Cell Regeneration

Autophagy continues and stem cell-based regeneration is ramping up.

Regeneration Continues

Stem cell rejuvenation continues to enhance cellular renewal and the body.

Also enjoy free shipping & a free copy of Dr Longo’s The Longevity Diet book with each box of ProLon purchased


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Buy one box for $224 or 3+ boxes for $200 each here

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PURCHASE BY 5/13/2019

Make sure to order by 5/13/2019 to enjoy the discounted pricing, free shipping, and free The Longevity Diet book


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