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In the latest clinical trial conducted at the Longevity Institute at USC and the Diabetes and Obesity Research Institute*, 3 cycles of ProLon®, 5 days per month over a 3 month period produced important metabolic effects.

What are the benefits of doing all 3 cycles of ProLon?

Fasting Mimicking Diets Have Been Shown to Help…

  • Decrease Weight and Body Fat*

  • Stem Cell Generation

  • Maintain Glucose at Healthy Levels

  • Maintain CRP at Healthy Levels

  • Maintain Triglycerides at Healthy Levels

  • Maintain Blood Pressure at Healthy Levels*

  • Maintain Lean Body Mass

  • Impact in IGF-1 (Aging Marker)*

  • Maintain Insulin Resistance at Healthy Levels

  • Maintain Cholesterol at Healthy Levels

  • Decrease Visceral Fat*

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Buy one box for $224 or 3+ boxes for $200 each


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Make sure to order by 5/13/2019 to enjoy the discounted pricing, free shipping, and free The Longevity Diet book

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