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Lose Weight Now!


I get a lot of questions about weight loss. I recently began working with the Metagenics Healthy Transformation Weight Loss program. I like many things about this program compared to other programs I’ve worked with in the past.  Mainly, I like the focus on health and weight loss as opposed to just weight loss.  I love that this product has NO artificial sweeteners in it!  Studies show artificial sweeteners contribute to weight gain as well as poor health.  You can read more about artificial sweeteners here and here.   Clinical trials on this program showed rapid weight loss.  The program has four parts:

1. Food Plan consisting of Protein, Phytonutrients and Low Glycemic Load.  This is similar to other weight loss plans and will be very familiar to those of you that have done the Ideal Protein program.

2. Meal Replacements and Supplements included to help make choices easier and correct imbalances.  This is very similar to Ideal Protein but Vitamins are included!

3. Physical Activity as with any weight loss program (check with your doctor before beginning a program).

4. Online Support -There is an online support community when you sign up online.

You can watch a video about the program here for more information.

When you purchase the program and sign up online you will receive:
A patient guide, sample menus, food guide, and a daily log. You will receive meal replacement products including a protein shake, protein bar and/or protein soup. They  allow you to choose flavor and either more shakes or soup depending on your preferences. You will receive nutritional supplements including a multi-vitamin, probiotic, and a fiber product.  You will receive patient support online and of course my help when you order the program on my online store (20% off).

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or to learn more. Look forward to hearing from you.


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