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I healed my skin and scalp and began seeing new hair growth by doing this…

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Today, even after reversing my skin and health conditions, I find my skin prefers to be make-up free and my hair prefers to be product free.  I have found products that I love like 100% Pure Cosmetics and Skincare that do not irritate my scalp or skin.

Here is a little about my journey to healthier hair and skin.

I heard the word rosacea for the first time in my 20’s.  I found my skin getting more red as the years past.  I tried many products, facials and dermatologist but no one could really solve the problem.  Every product I tried seemed to irritate and itch my skin.  I would wash make-up off as soon as I was home.

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In my 30’s, I started having scalp irritations with any hair product.  I stopped using all hair products except shampoo and conditioner, but even those bothered me.  I had to wash my hair all the time because my scalp would feel like it was on fire and I couldn’t figure out what was causing it.  A dermatologist told me it was probably rosacea.  But still, I couldn’t fix the problem.

The problem continued to get worse in my 40’s and I just learned how to cope with it.  I visited several doctors, skin specialist, and beauticians.  No one had an answer.

In 2015, I stopped eating gluten and I did find an improvement with my skin and scalp but the problem wasn’t completely solved.  Mid-2015 I finally did a comprehensive elimination program.  I finally got the answers I had been looking for.   I was able to figure out exactly which foods were causing my skin and scalp reactions.  This has been the best thing that I ever have ever done for my hair, skin, and overall health.  In doing an elimination program, you take away many common allergens and potential problem foods for several weeks.  Your body goes through a cleaning or detoxing.  During this time, I added many things to my diet to benefit my skin and hair.  My favorite product for hair, skin, and nails is collagen.   It has really helped turn things around.  Check out my favorite collagen recipe here.  By the end of 2015, I was seeing new hair growth, stronger nails, thicker hair, and less rosacea symptoms.  I no longer get red skin or irritations unless something creeps into my food that doesn’t agree with me.

I now offer elimination programs as a service to my clients.  The program can be a wonderful tool for someone who has symptoms that can not be resolved with conventional approaches and it can also benefit overall health rejuvenation.  Please contact me to find out more about the elimination program I offer.  I see clients locally and offer online services.

Here is a pic that I took of my new growth a few months ago.  It is still growing and much longer now.   I have new growth on both sides of my face by my ear and on top in each corner of my forehead.  I’m sure there is more all over that I do not see.img_0440

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Free Gift Set with $60 or more purchase

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