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Can you undo the damage of holiday eating?


Can you undo the damage of holiday eating?

We know based on previous research that large meals tend to cause inflammation in the gut as well as in the body. This can create some damage that our bodies may need to clean up. The “cleaning up” mechanism is called Autophagy. Auto means self, and phagy is to eat up. So essentially we are eating up our own damaged cells. After autophagy, our bodies need to go through a process of regeneration through circulating stem cells. Stem cells are precursor cells that turn into other cells. It’s the closest to a fresh start as you can get!

The most researched eating system to do this is the Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet. By tricking our bodies into fasting, we allow ourselves to undergo autophagy followed by stem cell regeneration. Furthermore, people tend to lose fat after 3 cycles (5 days a month for 3 months in a row). It has been shown to improve a vast array of cardiovascular and inflammatory markers such as cholesterol, C-reactive protein, and triglycerides.


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