Wellness, Heath, and Beauty Event: Review of products!

I want to thank everyone who came out to taste, sample, shop, and visit! It was a huge success and I look forward to doing this again.  I enjoyed meeting each of you and look forward to working with you on any of your health and wellness needs.

Primal Kitchen Products were a big hit!  They are pure goodness with nothing artificial.

Need to add some healthy fat to your meal plan and only want the best flavor around?  You need Primal Kitchen in your life!

Avocado oil Chipotle Lime Mayo was the biggest surprise:  Add little tangy spice gives a huge boost of flavor to something ordinary.

Avocado oil Mayo:  This mayo has a little tang to it and it 100% healthy fats.  Use it in your next batch of salmon salad, deviled eggs, or add a dab to a salad to turn your dressing into a creamy masterpiece.  No GMOs or processed oils here!

Ranch dressing:  One of my tasters said she is obsessed with this dressing and can’t wait to put it on everything.  Dress up salads, veggies or even a sauce for meats.

Honey Mustard dressing:  I can taste the all of the flavors in this honey mustard. Not your typical super sweet dressing.  Lots of flavor and tang to be had here.  Not just for salads.

Greek dressing:  Hands down, my favorite!  I used this dressing in a Greek salad and put a dash of their Avocado oil Mayo in it to make it creamy, YUM!

Greek Salad

Coconut Cashew Collagen bars:  Love these bars!  They are a little sticky but I was surprised how they are quickly becoming my favorite bars.  We tasted the Cashew flavor but they make a variety and they are all Delicious!  With 15 gm protein, lots of fiber to balance out the carbs, this bar will keep your blood sugar stable and keep you satisfied.

Collagen Fuel Coconut Vanilla ultra repair high protein drink mix:  I blended this with unsweetened almond milk, Tbsp almond butter, and a couple of ice cubes.  This is my new go-to protein drink at 20 gm protein for 2 scoops, it is the smoothest and tastiest protein in my pantry!  I got a few comments like, “it tastes like cake mix” and “it taste like egg nog”.  YUM!  Dairy, Whey, Soy, and Gluten free, y’all enjoy!  And talk about filling, a glass of this will keep you satisfied all morning.

Click the ad below to show Primal Kitchen some LOVE and buy all of these delicious and healthy products. I will be glad to assist you in selecting the best product for your needs. Also, as a special thank you, use the code GROK15 for 15% off site wide* at checkout.

GROK15: 15% off site wide (*Coupon does not apply to The Primal Blueprint Expert Certification and Gold or Platinum Packages, and only applies to first orders in monthly subscriptions.

Another big hit was the Vital Proteins brand. These products a collagen protein product that can be incorporated into your daily diet to provide protein and healing benefits(great for hair, skin, nails, joints). I like the Collagen Peptides because it is tasteless and odorless so it can be added to coffee, tea or other drinks without any change in taste or texture to the product. This product is great for kids too!  You can add collagen peptides to a fruit smoothie or other drinks that you child loves and they will not be able to detect the difference.  A great way to increase protein for your picky eaters.   Click here to  see my favorite way to use collagen peptides daily.

Click the pictures below to shop Vital Proteins products. Show Vital Protein some LOVE for sponsoring the tastings and samples.  You can purchase travel sizes of many of the products.  I take these EVERYWHERE.  You can also purchase the canisters for daily use.  There are many other products that you will see on the website so feel free to ask me about them if you would like to learn more. You can also spend some time on their blog reading about all of the benefits of their products.

If you are interested in purchasing Metagenics supplements or protein powder, you can shop at my online store 20% off. Click on the photo below. I will be glad to help you select the right product. You have a sample of their PhytoMulti which is my favorite multivitamin on the market.

If Metagenics doesn’t have everything that you need, you can visit Fullscript, an online dispensary, with over 20,000 products and 15% off retail (if you use my link). I love to use Fullscript for sunscreen, chia seeds, essential oils, glutamine, probiotics, and other supplements that I can not find through Metagenics. If you need assistance finding a product, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Fullscript allows me to select my favorite supplements from each company, including Metagenics, and purchase all in one spot. To set up an account with Fullscript, simply click on the link, enter your name and email address and start shopping.

Wildbrine  is a daily treat for me.  I could eat the Dill & Garlic fermented kraut out of the jar.  It is a perfect way to take care of your gut, increase your good bacteria and let your microbiome flourish.  We tasted the Dill & Garlic kraut and everyone loved it.  It can be enjoyed plain, added to salads, or used as a topping.  You don’t want to heat the delicate live bacteria but you can add to cold foods.  Because the product contains live bacteria, it is best to buy local.  Whole Foods has many different Wildbrine flavors.


Davidson’s Tea is a favorite of mine. I have been drinking the Tulsi tea daily for several years. You were able to get a sample last night of some of my favorite flavors. I like to purchase the 100 bag bulk box because it is economical and tastes great. I hope you also picked up the flyer about Tulsi so you can read about the benefits. It is know for its very powerful adaptogenic properties which helps the body deal with stress, anxiety, and fatigue.  Click here for my Tulsi Latte Recipe  Shop Davidson’s Tea to thank them for being awesome!

If you liked the Tanka trail mix and buffalo jerky, you can find a lot of their products at Thrive Market. you can also find many of the Navitas products at Thrive. If you are not familiar with Thrive, click the ad to check it out.

Thrive Market offers the best-selling natural and organic products at wholesale prices through a $60/year membership. Think Costco meets Whole Foods online, and for every paid membership Thrive donates one membership to a

low-income American family.


If you are interested in working with me to improve your health, eat a cleaner diet, do an elimination or detox program, or just need help with recipe ideas, please don’t hesitate to call. I would love to get a group together to teach a kombucha class or do a detox!

Lastly, I would like to thank all of my friends that came to offer their products to you!

Lindsay Powell with Beautycounter – visit her store

Jenn Hamilton with Stella & Dot – visit her store

Hope Benson with Sage Aromatherapy – visit her store

Michelle Begnaud with honey and beeswax products

Caroline Gilmore RD, LDN


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