Start Eating Clean with a Transition Diet

Start Eating Clean with a Transition Diet

No one diet or way of eating works for everyone.  However, researched diets that improve health, such as, the Mediterranean plan or the Dash plan, target a similar goal:  Clean Eating.  Eating clean includes lots of natural, whole foods, and less junk (processed foods, fried foods, treats and drinks loaded with sugar).

Clean Eating is the healthiest, simplest way to lose weight, improve body composition and perform better.  It can also help get rid of unwanted symptoms that may require medication, can bring more energy, and improve overall health.

While this is a simple way of eating, it is not necessarily easy when our lifestyles have us facing the wide availability and inexpensive cost of unhealthy foods everywhere we turn.  We live in a world where you have to try pretty hard in many cases to eat clean.

Ideally, clean eating should become a lifestyle, not a quick-fix diet. But, embracing clean eating fully is a process that takes time.  I grew into the diet that I now eat.  I didn’t change everything overnight.  In fact, if you read about me, you know that my journey to healing and changing habits was long and I resisted.  I’ve been eating clean for several years now and I couldn’t be happier.  I love experimenting with new recipes, products and cooking techniques.

Transition diets are one of the easiest ways to introduce the concept of clean eating into your life gradually. They are  ideal for those new to healthy eating,  they are great for any time you need to clean out your system after a period of slacking off, and they are also great for those that are eating healthy but want to be sure they are doing everything they can to improve and maintain health.

My step by step Transition Diet is for those who want to make simple changes each week which will gradually get you to your end goal. By making your transition gradually, the road to clean eating becomes much easier.  I find the method of changing a few habits weekly works very well.  You don’t have to learn everything at one time and each week builds on skills you learned the week before.  It gives you time to adjust to each change before moving on.

I was trained conventionally in a hospital where I would go into patients rooms and give them a 1 hour diet instruction on everything they needed to know for heart disease, low sodium, diabetes, etc.  After years of doing this and knowing it didn’t work, the transition diet made so much more sense.  I am so happy to offer this to my clients.

Please contact me if you are interested in working with me on a transition diet to clean eating.  I can work with you locally or online.