Nutrient and Menu Analysis

Here are some of the things an RD can do to help you:

Calculate the nutrition content for each of your menu items(or a selection of them) and their sub recipes using a complete nutrition analysis software program.

Interpret the nutrition analysis and evaluate ingredient integrity. If you have specific goals such as heart healthy, low calorie, all natural, gluten-free, or organic, for example, I can make sure your menu complies with your claims.  I can work with your marketing department to develop and use a seal to identify items that are RD approved.

Help Modify recipes so they meet your targeted guidelines and claims.

Communicate with your marketing department to help publish your menu and also with your in-house staff for any necessary training they may need.

Provide in-service training on safe handling.

Provide guidance on the appropriate use of claims such as Heart Healthy, Low-Fat or All Natural to help promote healthy choices and give consumers the information they need to chose foods wisely.

I can review your foods for the presence of allergens, evaluate your menu and production for potential cross contamination.

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